Committees & Appointments

Committees established by the Legal Profession Act, 2017:

Credentials Committee
Linda Doll
Bruce Warnsby

Conduct & Competence Committees

Complaints Investigation Committee
Debra Fendrick, CIC Chair
Jean Whittow, K.C., Vice-Chair
Sharleen Dumont, Vice-Chair
Gregory Cavouras, Vice-Chair
Jocelyn Barrett, Vice-Chair
Keith Parkkari, Vice-Chair
Mark Wallace, Vice-Chair

Complaint Dismissal Review Committee
Kathleen Kinchen, Chair
Paula Pasquali, Public Representative
Margaret Dumkee, Public Representative

Discipline Committee
Ronald S. Veale, Chair
Murray Long, Public Representative*
Thomas Flavin, Scott Niblock, and Mara Pollock, Members

*Discipline Committee – Individuals appointed by the Minister

Yukon Law Foundation
Under section 142 of the new Act, the Yukon Law Foundation is continued. Under paragraph 23(2)(a) of the Interpretation Act, these appointments to the board of the Foundation are effectively continued until appointments are made under the new Act.

Name: Term Expires on:
Alex Benitah April 12, 2026
Kelly McGill July 2, 2024
Carmen Gustafson July 2, 2024

Committees Under Rule 185

Under subsection 10(1) of the Act, the Executive may also establish committees and authorize a committee to do anything that the Executive may do under the Act (except the making of a rule).

Continuing Professional Development Committee

Name: Term Expires on:
Bruce Warnsby, Chair February 17, 2025
Andrea Bailey February 20, 2025
Jennie Cunningham February 20, 2025
Arthur Mauro February 17, 2025
Emma Dickson August 18, 2024
Neil Thomson August 18, 2024

Audit Committee

Name: Term Expires on:
Megan Whittle May 18, 2025
Mark Wallace February 6, 2026
Meagan Lang February 6, 2026

Compensation Fund Committee

Name: Term Expires on:
Serge Lamarche, Chair February 6, 2026
Keith Parkkari February 6, 2026

Advisory Committees established by the Executive to assist the Society in meeting its purposes:

Access to Justice Committee

Name: Term Expires on:
Paul Di Libero, Chair May 24, 2025
Baird Makinson July 4, 2025
Ruth O’Gorman February 20, 2025
Natasha Pettinger February 20, 2025
Ron Veale October 11, 2025
Anna Starks-Jacob January 24, 2025
Cathy Rasmussen December 16, 2024
Lynn MacDiarmid February 21, 2026

Lawyers Assistance Program Committee

Name: Term Expires on:
Megan Whittle December 14, 2024
Kathy Kinchen December 14, 2024
Emma Dickson May 3, 2026

Social Committee

Vida Nelson                Lauren Wildgoose
Cathy Rasmussen      James Barsby        Amy Chandler

Truth & Reconciliation Advisory Committee

Name: Expiry Date:
Melissa Carlick, Chair February 25, 2025
David Joe February 25, 2025
Gavin Gardiner February 25, 2025
Erin Linklater February 25, 2025
Chris Butler June 22, 2024

Appointment to External Committees:

Appointments are made by the Executive identifying a specific volunteer member of the Society to sit on an external organization as the appointee of the Law Society.

The external body is not within the control of the Law Society.  The individual appointed usually has experience or expertise or interest in the area.  The appointee does not necessarily represent the Society in the sense that direction is taken or instructions are received from the Law Society.  For the most part, the appointee participates as an individual with little or no reporting relationship with the Law Society and does not bind or represent the view of the Society.

Federation of Law Societies of Canada
David McWhinnie, Council Member for Yukon
Term Expires: November 15, 2024

Federal Judicial Advisory Committee
Appointee: Lynn MacDiarmid
Term Expires: December 15, 2026

Judicial Council of the Territorial Court
Appointee: Leo Lane
Term Expires:  April 25, 2025

Legal Services Society Board
Appointee: Vacant
Term Expires:

Yukon Foundation
Appointee: Cindy Freedman
Term Expires:  December 1, 2027

For more information or terms of reference for any of the committees, please contact our office at