Committees & Appointments


These committees perform functions relating to the regulation of the legal profession.

Continuing Legal Education Committee (Appointments expire at next AGM)
David Christie, Chair
Lauren Whyte, Vice-Chair
Leo Lane
Bhreagh Dabbs
Megan Whittle
Cathy Rasmussen

Discipline Committee (Appointments expire at next AGM)
Keith Parkkari, Chair

(Resident Members)

(Non-Resident Members)

(Public Representatives)

Karen Wenckebach, Acting Chair
Richard Buchan
Laura Cabott
Debra Fendrick
Kathleen Kinchen
Serge Lamarche
David McWhinnie
Graham Lang
Stephen Phillips

Sharleen Dumont, Acting Chair
Daniel Bennett
Charles Bois
Tom Flavin
David Martin
Michael Preston
Scott Niblock
Art Vertlieb
James Vilvang
Jean Whittow
John Cliffe
Daryn Leas
Debbie Hoffman

Lee Pigage [May 2020]
Paula Pasquali [May 2020]
Dan Robinson [May 2021]

Special Fund Committee (Appointments expire at the next AGM)
Serge Lamarche, Chair
Keith Parkkari
Mark Wallace (ex officio)

Audit Committee
Keith Parkkari, Chair
Mark Wallace
Meagan Hannam

Federation of Law Societies of Canada
David McWhinnie, Council Member for Yukon
Term expires:  November 15, 2021


These committees provide advice to the Executive and undertake work to support the Executive. 

Access to Justice Committee
Paul DiLibero, Chair
Eden Alexander, Vice Chair
James Tucker
Alex Benitah
Mark Stevens

Lawyers Assistance Program
Megan Whittle, Chair
Kathleen Kinchen
Stephen Walsh

Social Committee
Kevin Gillespie, Chair
Lauren Whyte
Joni Ellerton
Cathy Rasmussen
Rachel Gutman
Luke Faught


Appointments are made by the Executive identifying a specific volunteer member of the Society to sit on an external organization as the appointee of the Law Society.

The external body is not within the control of the Law Society. The individual appointed usually has experience or expertise or interest in the area. The appointee does not necessarily represent the Society in the sense that direction is taken or instructions are received from the Law Society For the most part the appointee participates as an individual with little or no reporting relationship with the law Society and does not bind or represent the view of the Society.

Federal Judicial Advisory Committee: 
Appointee: Vacant pending appointment
Term expires:

Judicial Council of the Territorial Court: 
Appointee: Leo Lane
Term expires: March 25, 2022

Legal Services Society Board: 
Appointee: Megan Whittle
Term expires: July 16, 2022

Land Titles Office Stakeholder Advisory Committee: 
Appointee: Kim Sova
Term expires: n/a

Yukon Foundation:
Appointee: Lauren Whyte
Term expires: January 19, 2021

Yukon Law Foundation: 


Alex Benitah
Term expires: April 12, 2020

Kelly McGill
Term expires: June 16, 2021

Paul Battin
Term Expires: June 16, 2021

For more information, or terms of reference for any of committees, please contact our office at