Certificate of Permission to Act in Yukon

Certificates of Permission to Act in the Yukon may be issued to lawyers who are not members of the Society so they may act as a barrister and solicitor in the Yukon in relation to a particular matter or proceeding or related matters or proceedings without becoming a member of the Law Society, but shall be deemed to be a member for the aforementioned purposes.

Certificates expire after one year if not renewed.

All material must be completed and submitted well in advance of the date that you wish to commence practice in Yukon. Completed applications are considered by the Executive twice a month. It is important to ensure you leave sufficient time between the date you submit your application and the date you wish to commence practicing law, to allow the Executive time to consider your application.

We understand situations may arise that are unexpected and urgent. If an applicant requests consideration of an application outside of a regularly scheduled Executive meeting, the Executive will require, in writing, the reasons why there is a need to expedite the application.

Please note that for your application to be complete, you must submit the following:

1. Completed Form 11A.

2. Payment in the amount of:

  • Application Fee: $300.00
  • Certificate Fee: $350.00
  • Special Fund Fee: $100.00
  • GST: $ 37.50
  • TOTAL: $787.50

The Special Fund fee is not payable if you are exempt from the requirement as set out in section 47 of Legal Profession Act.

3. Original Certificates of Standing, dated not earlier than 60 days prior to the date the application is made, from the Canadian Law Societies of which you are now or have ever been a member.

Certificate of Permission to Act Renewals

Please note that once issued, the Certificate of Permission to Act in the Yukon will continue to require annual renewal. The fee for the annual renewal is $350.00 plus the Special Fund Levy of $100, unless exempt, plus GST. Submit payment with a completed Renewal Application and Declaration (Form 41).

The Society requires you to advise the office when the matter for which you have been issued a Certificate of Permission to Act in the Yukon has been completed. Should you have any questions please contact the Law Society office at 867-668-4231.