Admission Requirements for Student-at-Law

The following information relates to the requirements and process involved in applying as an articled student in the Yukon Territory.

We recommend that you review Part 2, Membership and Enrollment in Law Society, of the Legal Profession Act and Rules 60 – 87.

A complete application must include:

  1. Completed Form 6 (Application for Admission – Student).
  2. Completed Form 7 (Articling Agreement and attached Articling Skills and Practice Checklist).
  3. An official transcript of marks from the University you attended.
  4. Membership fee in the amount of $157.50 ($150 plus $7.50 GST).

Please note that if a final transcript is not available at the time of your application, you must indicate on Form 6, question #1 when your final transcript will be submitted.

As part of your articles you must attend a bar admission course approved by the Executive. The British Columbia Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC) is an approved bar admission course and the Yukon has a standing arrangement with B.C. whereby a reduced fee to attend PLTC is charged to students enrolled in joint articles.

We recommend that you submit all material to this office at least four weeks in advance of the date that you wish to commence articling in the Yukon so that the Executive has sufficient time to consider your application. Failure to submit your materials four weeks in advance may cause a delay in the proposed start date of your articling term.

We understand situations may arise that are unexpected and urgent. If an applicant requests consideration of their application outside of a regularly scheduled Executive meeting, the Executive will require, in writing, the reasons why there is a need to expedite the application.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Society office.

Application by a Student-at-Law for Active Membership

Prior to making application for admission as an active member, the Student-at-Law must ensure that they have met the following requirements:

  • Completed & Submitted Final Report & Articling Checklist prior to completion the articling term (both the Final Report and Articling Checklist must be signed by Principal and Student)
  • Met with Discipline Chair (within first 4 months of articles)
  • Passed the Yukon Statutes Exam
  • Passed a Bar Admission Course

To qualify for enrolment as an active member, a Student-at-Law must submit to the Law Society the following:

  • Form 14 – Application by a Student-at-Law for Active Membership
  • Form 15 – Affidavit of Principal
  • Form 16 – Affidavit of Applicant
  • Fees – $420.00 ($300 Admission Fee, $100 Special Fund and $20 GST)
  • Professional Liability Insurance Fee (if applicable) – check with the Law Society to obtain the pro-rated amount
  • Original Certificate of Completion of a bar admission course
  • Certified True Copy of Transcript (this may have already been provided to the Law Society)

We recommend that you submit all material to this office well in advance of your proposed call date so that the Executive has sufficient time to consider your application.

After an application for membership has been approved by the Executive, a student must be called to the bar and have sworn the oath pursuant to section 22(2) of the Legal Profession Act before they are eligible to practice law in the Yukon. The student makes arrangements to swear the oath and for the call to the bar through the Supreme Court Judges’ Chambers at 667-3524.