Mental Health Act: Overview & Practical Tips

Speaker/s: Jim Tucker, Mike Reynolds, David Christie

Date: Thu, August 27, 2020

Start Time: 12:00 pm

Location: Live Webinar by Zoom

Cost: Free

CPD Credits: 1.5 hours

Jim Tucker, lawyer and Chair of the Capability & Consent Board, will provide you with an overview of the Mental Health Act; his role as Chair; the process and some practical tips.

Mike Reynolds, a lawyer and Doctor’s counsel will provide information on the forms, technical issues and tips connected to Mental Health Review Board hearings.

David Christie, a lawyer and Patient’s counsel will review capacity and client management issues and provide some practical tips.

The three presenters will also provide an overview of the legislation, updates on recent case law in this area, and information about how COVID-19 has impacted this area of practice.  The presentation will finish with a Q&A session, via chat messages using the Zoom platform.

Description: The Yukon Mental Health Act recognizes that:

  • it is just to make special provision for persons suffering from mental disorder,
  • persons suffering from mental disorder have a right to treatment, that cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity of the Yukon must be taken into account when assessing and treating persons for mental disorder, and
  • care and treatment of persons suffering from mental disorder should be provided in the least restrictive and least intrusive manner

Summary of Processes
Overview of how Involuntary Admission may be invoked
Involuntary Admission under the Mental Health Act

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