Professional Conduct News and Discipline Proceedings


The purpose of the Law Society of Yukon (LSY) is to uphold and protect the public interest in the delivery of legal services.

This includes addressing complaints about lawyers who are members of the LSY.

Under the Legal Profession Act, 2017, (LPA) complaints are reviewed and investigated by the Complaints Investigation Committee (CIC).

A person whose complaint is dismissed by an investigator may appeal to the Complaint Dismissal Review Committee. If an investigator is unable to fully dispose of a complaint under s.64 of the LPA, the matter will be referred to the Discipline Committee for hearing.

The LSY is also responsible for investigating concerns about the unauthorized practice of law in the Yukon.

Professional Conduct News and Outcomes

The LSY provides summaries of complaints received each year including the number of complaints received and their outcomes.

Pending Disciplinary Proceedings

The LSY will post notices regarding disciplinary proceedings, including hearings and outcomes including reasons for decision.

The LSY will not post notices or provide information concerning:

  • Whether a complaint has been made against a particular lawyer or whether an investigation is underway;
  • Complaints which have been resolved and/or dismissed that did not result in a disciplinary charge.


All disciplinary hearings are open to the public unless otherwise determined by a hearing panel.

The following matters have been set down for hearing:

  • No matters at this time

Member’s Name:
Nature of Complaint(s):
Hearing Dates(s):

Discipline Hearing Decisions (since 2005)

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