Access to Justice

The Access to Justice Initiatives Fund is here!

Successful Grants for 2021

The Law Society of Yukon Access to Justice Committee is pleased to announce the successful Initiatives Fund Projects for 2021:

Yukon University – Watson Lake Campus was granted $2,500.00 to host a workshop providing information on Wills & Estates.

Yukon Right to Learn Coalition was granted $2,500.00 to create a free, detailed guide for families navigating administrative and court processes in defense of student and parent rights.

The Access to Justice Committee will report on the projects later in 2021.

Access to Justice Committee:

There are many issues in the Yukon that limit or impede Yukoners’ access to justice in many regards. Recognizing this, the Law Society established an Access to Justice Committee [A2JC] in 2016 to identify, address and remedy issues related access to justice in the Yukon.

The Access to Justice Committee subcommittee is committed to:

  • Providing leadership towards improved access to civil, family and criminal justice systems in the Yukon Territory;
  • Active engagement in access to justice initiatives;
  • Providing a forum for public engagement on AJ2 issues & initiatives;
  • Collaborating on issues related to A2J, including the gathering of feedback from various stakeholders (which includes community groups, non-governmental organizations and all levels of government) on existing or desired initiatives;
  • Promoting innovation in all aspects of the delivery of services regarding A2J issues; and
  • Publically sharing information on the efforts of the A2J Committee, including updates in the Yukon Amicus, from time-to-time.

The A2JC aims to:

  • Promote an efficient, cost-effective and regionally appropriate justice system for all Yukoners;
  • Target and ameliorate A2J issues throughout the Yukon Territory;
  • Promote an understanding of the importance of equal justice and accessible justice as a hallmark of a free and democratic society, and
  • Encourage the development of a shared purpose in pursuing these objectives for all community members, legal professionals, the judiciary, and all private and public sector participants.

Access to Justice Initiatives and Information

  • Voluntary Practice Disclosure for Members
  • Public Survey to Identify A2J Barriers completed
  • Pro Bono Clinics for Enduring Powers of Attorney for Seniors in Care completed
  • Access to Justice in Remote Communities (see link below)

For more information on the work of the A2J Committee, or its initiatives, contact the Law Society of Yukon.