Access to Justice

The Access to Justice Initiatives Fund is here!

Access to Justice Committee:

There are many issues in the Yukon that limit or impede Yukoners’ access to justice in many regards. Recognizing this, the Law Society established an Access to Justice Committee [A2JC] in 2016 to identify, address and remedy issues related access to justice in the Yukon.

The Access to Justice Committee subcommittee is committed to:

  • Providing leadership towards improved access to civil, family and criminal justice systems in the Yukon Territory;
  • Active engagement in access to justice initiatives;
  • Providing a forum for public engagement on AJ2 issues & initiatives;
  • Collaborating on issues related to A2J, including the gathering of feedback from various stakeholders (which includes community groups, non-governmental organizations and all levels of government) on existing or desired initiatives;
  • Promoting innovation in all aspects of the delivery of services regarding A2J issues; and
  • Publically sharing information on the efforts of the A2J Committee, including updates in the Yukon Amicus, from time-to-time.

The A2JC aims to:

  • Promote an efficient, cost-effective and regionally appropriate justice system for all Yukoners;
  • Target and ameliorate A2J issues throughout the Yukon Territory;
  • Promote an understanding of the importance of equal justice and accessible justice as a hallmark of a free and democratic society, and
  • Encourage the development of a shared purpose in pursuing these objectives for all community members, legal professionals, the judiciary, and all private and public sector participants.

Access to Justice Initiatives and Information

  • Voluntary Practice Disclosure for Members
  • Public Survey to Identify A2J Barriers completed
  • Pro Bono Clinics for Enduring Powers of Attorney for Seniors in Care completed
  • Access to Justice in Remote Communities (see link below)

For more information on the work of the A2J Committee, or its initiatives, contact the Law Society of Yukon.