Membership Renewals

All members must renew their membership annually no later than January 31st. All members must remit GST on their membership fees.

Renewal documentation includes:

  • Annual Practice and Professional Liability Insurance Declaration in Form 13 which includes the annual CPD report and the Voluntary Practice Area Disclosure Questionnaire for Lawyers in Private Practice
  • Fees
    • Practicing – $1,100 (plus GST $1,155)
    • Non-Practicing $300 ( plus GST $315)
    • Retired Member of $25 (plus GST $26.25)
  • Special Fund Levy of $100 (plus GST $105) unless exempt

Members who wish to resign their membership or change practicing status should refer to the Change of Status page.

Members who have not renewed their membership or resigned from the Law Society of Yukon by the renewal date of January 31st may be suspended.

Please also note that members who fail to fulfill the CPD requirements will be subject to administrative sanctions in the nature of late fees, plus the requirement to make up the hours within a specified period of time.