Wellness & Lawyers Assistance Program

About Yukon Lawyers Assistance Program

What is YLAP?
YLAP stands for Yukon Lawyers Assistance Program. It is an informational, confidential referral and counseling service provided through Nimco and Associates. YLAP is designed to assist members of the legal profession who may be experiencing health or personal problems.

Why do Yukon Lawyers need an assistance program?

Like anyone, lawyers who experience emotional or personal difficulties may be unable to resolve their problems on their own, and may find their personal happiness, work performance or physical health is affected. Through YLAP, they will receive assistance to find satisfactory solutions to their problems.

What types of problem does YLAP deal with?

The source of a problem may be work-related or personal (family, marital, health, drug, alcohol or gambling).

When should I consider contacting YLAP?

You might consider contacting YLAP if you feel as though your problems are becoming overwhelming and out of control. Some symptoms that can appear if emotions or problems get out of control include mood swings, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, poor concentration, apathy, or anger.
It is generally acknowledged that the sooner assistance begins, the more effective it will be.

How can I access YLAP’s services?

To begin the process, contact Nimco and Associates by telephone at 668-4058 (collect calls accepted). Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Nimco and Associates will provide twelve hours of free confidential counseling annually.

Will my call be confidential?

Yes. Use of this service will be billed to the Law Society without identifying you by name. Other Resource Links: www.lpac.ca

Wellness of the Legal Profession

Studies in Canada have revealed that legal professionals are at higher risk of experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and substance use than other professionals.
The Federation of Law Societies of Canada in collaboration with Canada’s law societies and the Canadian Bar Association partnered with the Université de Sherbrooke who conducted a national study. Click here to connect with the Federation’s Wellness Study information.

The Law Society of Yukon’s Continuing Professional Development Committee offered an event in 2023 on this topic presented by a representative of the Federation. Click here to view.