I am writing to inform you of a decision of the Executive of the Law Society of Yukon regarding an increase in Law Society of Yukon fees, which will come into effect January 1, 2024 and apply to all membership renewals for the 2024 membership year.

Law Society of Yukon fees have remained unchanged since 2010.  Over this time, the cost of maintaining and enhancing services and operations has significantly increased.  Despite these growing expenses, the fees have not been adjusted to account for inflation or the evolving demands of self-regulation.

A fee increase is necessary to allow for investments in infrastructure, staff and technology, and to ensure the fiscal sustainability of the Law Society of Yukon

The Executive carefully considered several factors that led to the decision to increase membership fees:

Costs:  The costs to operate the Law Society of Yukon have increased due to inflation, higher demand for services, and the need for additional staff and resources to maintain and improve operations to meet its mandate to uphold and protect the public interest by regulating the delivery of legal services in Yukon.

Sustainability:  Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Law Society of Yukon is crucial to self-regulation. By raising fees, the Law Society of Yukon can ensure the financial stability needed to continue to meet its mandate now and in the future. 

Quality:  We are committed to maintaining and improving our services to members and the public. The fee increase will help us invest in necessary improvements and enhancements to meet expectations.

As the Fee Schedule forms a part of the Rules of the Law Society of Yukon, please see the attached Notice pursuant to s.22(1) of the Legal Profession Act, 2017 giving notice that the Executive will be voting at a meeting of the Executive scheduled for November 15, 2023 to amend “Schedule B – Fees” of the Rules of the Law Society of Yukon.

We have also attached a clean copy of the proposed 2024 Fee Schedule for your information.

Notice of Meeting to Amend Rules – Fee Increases<

2024 Fee Schedule

Schedule B – Fees