The Yukon is not a participating jurisdiction of the National Mobility Agreement (NMA).

The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut have signed a Territorial Mobility Agreement (TMA) with all other Canadian jurisdictions. Through this agreement, the territorial law societies now participate in national mobility as reciprocating governing bodies with respect to the permanent mobility provisions of the NMA.

The temporary mobility provisions in the NMA are not currently recognized by the three territories. 


Through the Permanent Mobility provisions of the TMA, lawyers may apply for full membership with the Law Society of Yukon without passing a Bar exam, provided they:

  • are members, in good standing, of another Canadian jurisdiction; and
  • read, and declare to have read, a prescribed list of legal documents and materials relevant to their practice in the Yukon Territory (see Reading List)


Lawyers are not permitted to practice within the Yukon for any period of time without a membership.   

However, a Certificate of Permission to Act allows lawyers licensed to practice in another jurisdiction to act on behalf of Yukon clients, on a temporary basis, without becoming a member of the Law Society.

A lawyer who has been called to the bar of a province or territory may apply for a Certificate of Permission to Act

A Certificate of Permission to Act allows the lawyer to appear or act on a single matter over a period of time which can be renewed.

A Certificate of Permission to Act provides a lawyer with the equivalent of membership for the purpose(s) set forth on the certificate.


Persons practicing law in the Yukon without a Law Society membership or Certificate of Permission to Act are considered to be practicing without authorization.